City of Mertzon
104 S Park View
Mertzon, TX 76941
(325) 835-5791


BR Pet Boarding
Beverly Rose
305 N Broadway St.
Mertzon, TX  76941
We really have a sensitive spot for animals.  Your animal will be treated as our own.  Lots of play time, and limited time in a huge 4X4 chain link indoor kennel.  We have the kennels heated and cooled.  We only clean the kennels with orange oils so there is no worries of kennel cough due to harsh cleaning chemicals.  The outside play area is roomy and fenced with a 6 foot fence.  Most of the time, the tiny dogs, and occasionally the big dogs, stay in our house and yard with us.

We have the dog yard and our yard treated for fleas and ticks every three months by the professionals at BUG EXPRESS PEST CONTROL.  Please, make sure your pets have been treated for fleas and ticks before arriving.  All dogs need to have current shots and that you leave me your contact information as well as your vets information.  A list of any quirks that your dog has would be very much appreciated.